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09 de junio de 2015

WaiCare Testing 06/06/15

Our A Rocha group has begun water testing with WaiCare in Alexandra Stream. We are testing alongside the Barbados Wetland and in the top Storm Water Pond in Unsworth Reserve. The results of the chemical tests where:

Barbados Wetland; Storm Water Pond
Air Temperature: 20ºC; 16ºC;
Water Temperature: 14ºC; 15.5ºC;
Water Clarity: 45cm; 49cm;
pH: 7.5pH; 7pH;
Dissolved Oxygen: 7mg/L; 5.5mg/L;
Nitrite: 0.025mg/L; 0.025mg/L;
Nitrate: 0.025mg/L; 0.025mg/L;
Phosphorous: 0.025mg/L; 0.025mg/L;

We also did an invertebrate survey.

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