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01 de octubre de 2023

News Highlights from the Budawang Coast

Keep an eye out for Gang-gangs

Now is the time to keep an eye for potential nesting sites for this iconic bird, now listed in the Endangered category. Find out how you can help

BCAL approaching 100,000 observations!

Over 90,000 observations so far - a massive effort undertaken by you!

Saving Our Species

Read more about some of the great projects being undertaken to save some of our most threatened species on the Budawang Coast - Pied Oyster Catcher, Budawangs Wallaby Grass, Milton-Ulladulla Rainforest and Hooded Plover

Draft Plan for Barenguba-Montague Island

Community are invited to have their say on how this iconic nature reserve should be managed

Catch all the latest at https://budawangcoast.org.au/

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17 de octubre de 2023

Overnight Camp Yadboro Flat - Sun 22 October

Citizen Science Camp Out at Yadboro Flat - hosted by Brooman State Forest Conservation Group and Friends of the Forest - Sun 22 October. A great opportunity to see whats out there:

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Rare Orchid sighted on Budawang Coast

n September Nick De Jong was wandering through a swamp near Conjola when he spotted a rare treasure – Burnettia cuneata, commonly known as the lizard orchid.

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South Coast Ferns Book - now available

Dont forget to pick up your copy - online through local publisher Envirobook, also at selected bookshops.

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