Cryptomarasmius corbariensis hunt 2021 aka #CryptoHunt2021

We need your help documenting this rarely observed mushroom that you've already documented the host tree in iNaturalist (Olive trees)

Cryptomarasmius corbariensis (the Olive Leaf Crypto) is rarely documented likely because its small and ephemeral, but it is suspected to be in every county in California and as of now has only been documented from a handful. Right now is the time to look for them. They are popping this week and will likely start to fade as the temperatures warm and moisture goes away.

How to help:
Find your local olive tree, dig in the leaves until you either hit moisture or dirt, sort the leaves for black filaments (rhizomorphs), then look for tiny mushrooms, photograph and upload to iNaturalist. A lot of counties to cover to get an observation in all 58 of CA's counties, but it’s easy since olive trees tend to be where people live.

Video of finding them. You an also find them under Olive trees with much dries surroundings as long as their is a place for leaves to pile up.

What they look like up close:

What they look like up close:

A little expectation setting for how small they are:

Example of the rhizomorphs (black threads):


Observers of Olive Trees in Counties with no observations of Crytpomarasmius:

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Crypto spelled incorrectly

Publicado por squiresk hace casi 2 años (Marca)

I've been on the hunt for this thing for several years, so it's definitely not for lack of trying. But all the local olives have little to no leaf litter and searches in rain and just after have been fruitless.

Publicado por silversea_starsong hace casi 2 años (Marca)

Very interesting, I had no idea such a thing existed. I will keep an eye out! Not sure if my camera can get a detailed picture of something that small. If I find these small mushrooms growing on the leaves, is it safe to assume it is this species? Or are there similar ones it could be mistaken for?

Publicado por chalon9 hace casi 2 años (Marca)

@chalon9 - if you find small mushrooms on olive leaves its safe to assume its Cryptomarasmius

@silversea_starsong - I would focus efforts then on olive trees in landscaping where there is more of a chance for leaves to pile up. I am also working on a procedure to potentially fruit the mushrooms from leaves collected from the tree as I have a strong suspicion that they are endophytes. I have a few jars right now that have grown a lot of mycelium from fresh leaves and now I'm just waiting for fruiting bodies to show up.

Publicado por damontighe hace casi 2 años (Marca)

The only local ones are landscaping, but that's where the leafblowers and understory cleaning become most rampant.

Publicado por silversea_starsong hace casi 2 años (Marca)

Wow they are small. . . .and I found some. . .

Publicado por lostcoastmike hace casi 2 años (Marca)

If anyone here in San Diego wants a good site with lots of olive trees to look for these mushrooms, try Allen Canyon in Mission Hills. The hillsides of this area were planted with olives decades ago, reportedly because there was an olive mill in Old Town. They have naturalized throughout the Canyon. The trees on the lower end of the Canyon are probably a hundred years old or more, which would lead me to believe that they would be more likely to have developed fungus. However, keep in mind that except for a City easement in the bottom of the Canyon that follows the remnants of the abandoned Allen Road, the rest of the Canyon is private property. Although largely unfenced, the canyon slopes belong to the property owners on the rim. There are many olives adjacent to the trail to look at.

Publicado por sphuemmer hace casi 2 años (Marca)

I think I found one. It was a bit dried and didn't have a cap on it though.

Publicado por chalon9 hace casi 2 años (Marca)

I believe I found a few in Damon Lane County Park. There are many Olive trees there, growing along a seasonal creek.

Publicado por ppauchnick hace casi 2 años (Marca)

I'll definitely go on a hunt in the next day or so. Had good rain today, and I know of an old olive grove to search in. Thanks for posting this info...very interesting!

Publicado por bonnienickel hace casi 2 años (Marca)

Well my second attempt was more successful thanks to @ppauchnick

Still curious what my first observation was of.

Publicado por chalon9 hace casi 2 años (Marca)

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