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15 de febrero de 2020

Spring Timberlake Bioblitz -- Canceled

If the weather is cooperative, I'll be hosting another bioblitz at Timberlake Field Station in March or April. It will be the weekend of March 21st (or the 28th if the weather is bad). March 28th (or April 4th if the weather is bad) (Friday - Sunday).

Tarleton State University’s Timberlake Biological Field Station is an educational and research facility located on the Colorado River in the heart of Texas--midway between Austin and Abilene. The 790 acre property has over 2 miles of river frontage.

Here's the link to detailed info about Timberlake:

I'm tagging some folks that have expressed an interest and some nearby folks. Don't be offended if you're not tagged here--I loose track easily! Feel free to tag anyone else that you know might be interested.
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18 de febrero de 2020

Mantidflies in Florida

I'm reaching out to observers in central Florida to keep an eye out for an apparently unique mantidfly documented in that area. Here are some observations:

If you find something that looks like this, capture it, post a pic, and contact me. It may just be an unusual variation of a common species, but it has a very unique set of characteristics and might be a new species. If we have a specimen in hand, I can sequence the DNA and send the critter itself to a taxonomic expert for further characterization.

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