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10 de febrero de 2024

It's Arabideae time in Texas!

Species of the Tribe Arabideae are among the first flowers to bloom (January--March or early April). Being small and inconspicuous, they are often overlooked. Observations of Texas Arabideae are here. These species have been lumped and split, taxonomically; formerly, all were in the genus Draba.

Because of its diminutive size, Tomostima reptans is the most challenging (and most exciting) to find. It appears to be most likely seen in sandy, exposed soil with minimum competing vegetation. It's general distribution is estimated by this BONAP map, but this is incomplete.

T. reptans pictured below:

The following characteristics vary, so documenting multiple characteristics will confirm the ID. Features to capture include:

  • side view of mature fruits (pods)
  • side view of flowering stem (pedicel) from top to bottom (with hairs in focus)
  • view of leaves

Also, young plants may be challenging or impossible to identify.

👉 Key and illustrated identification guide*

*There is also a yellow-flowered species in Jeff Davis county (Trans-Pecos) which isn't in the guide: Draba standleyi

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11 de febrero de 2024

The year of the Anemone (windflowers)?

Due to the wetter weather across parts of Texas, this late winter/early spring may shape up to be a really good Anemone year.

Already, we've got:
--a new iNat county record
--some plants that look "different"--outside the range of typical appearances
--and the the three species on top of Lover's Leap in Junction, TX have already been documented--all three in bloom. I'll be going there this coming weekend to check them out--this is the only known location where three species can be found in sympatry (although separated a bit by microclimate).

Guide to TX Anemones:

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